Medicare Revalidation Tool

A listing of all currently enrolled Medicare providers/suppliers is available by using the Medicare Revalidation List. You can search for a provider/supplier by last name, first name, organization name, or by National Provider Identifier (NPI),or download a list of revalidation due dates.

  • Those on the list due for revalidation will display a revalidation due date, all other providers/suppliers not up for revalidation will display a “TBD” (to be determined) in the due date field.
  • The revalidation due date will be posted up to six months in advance of the revalidation due date to provide sufficient notice and time for the provider to comply.
  • Please note that CGS will continue to mail out the yellow envelopes to providers of their revalidation, in addition to the CMS database notification.
  • You are recommended to check the database in the event of the mailing not reaching the provider and once they are terminated (have an end date applied) that stays on until they are revalidated.
  • Once they are revalidated from the term date to the reinstatement date, it will remain and CSG will not process any claims during that date span.
  • The revalidation due date list is refreshed once every two months on or around the first of the month and two months of due dates are appended at that time.
  • For more information on ACO provider/supplier revalidation, please visit the CMS Revalidation webpage or have the provider/supplier contact their MAC.

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